McTucky Fried High | Animation | 2015

An ensemble of animated teen foods navigate identity, sexuality, coming out, bullying, and high school politics.

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Starring: Carlo AparoIsa Arciniegas, Michael T. BlackKristen T. King, Rachel Melius, Adrienne M. Walker, Bubba Murray

Producer, Director, Illustrator:   Robert-Carnilius 
Animators:  Rachael Mcdonald , Cullen Parr
Casting by:  Yuvin Lee 
Recording Engineer:  Kelsey Lynch
Character Designs by:  Robert-Carnilius
Character Models + Mouth Charts:  David Lyerla
Writers:  Robert-Carnilius, Jerrod Howe, Fahima Mohamood, Bubba Murray
Story Editor:  Jerrod Howe
Post Sound Designer + Post Sound Mixer:  Aj Olstad
Original Music by:  Joshua Kramer
Theme Song Composed & Performed by:  Joshua Kramer


"I hope the series will be another tool towards inclusivity and healthy representation for the LGBTQ community. Along with the brand of humor, animations, characters and stories, I hope viewers are encouraged to be who they are and challenge the status quo. I also hope they are inspired to be ever-active in the fight for equality and justice."
-Excerpt from Huffington Post

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