Stay Positive | Narrative Short | 8 min | 2013
A teen comes face to face with his HIV status when pressured into a blood drive by his grandmother and runs the risk of isolating himself and missing out on life.

Nicky Quiles, David Hamilton, Joette Waters.

Director + Writer – Robert-Carnilius  
Director of Photography - Colin Prall  
Original Music - Josh Kramer 
Sound Design  - Kesley Lynch
Production Design – Pedrick Hales  

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Stay Positive One Sheet.                                                              Design by Carnilius

“The personal tone in Stay Positive was birthed from my experiences testing for HIV. I had always been afraid of HIV, because I was taught to be afraid. I was taught to believe that HIV/AIDS is bad, a punishment for being gay, and a death sentence. In many ways, creating this film has allowed me to come face to face with my own fears and ignorance about HIV/AIDS and ask the questions I was too afraid to ask." 
                                 -Excerpt from Director's Statement